Almost every other day, WhatsApp introduces new features. The instant messaging network is reportedly rolling out a new voice waveform style in chat bubbles, according to a recent article. On the Android and iOS mobile platforms, the feature is now being rolled out to a restricted group of beta users.
The feature will not be available to all beta users right away. It’s conceivable that you’ll have to wait a little longer if you haven’t yet acquired the functionality.

New audio messages feature

Users that have the feature enabled will be able to view it once the update is available, according to the newest report. When receiving a voice note from someone who does not have the functionality enabled, the new change in audio messages is stated to be invisible.

WhatsApp has yet to confirm the feature’s release date, but according to the current claim, it may arrive much sooner than planned. As is customary, the functionality should initially be available to beta testers before being released to the general public.

WhatsApp’s upcoming features

Other new features being developed by the instant messaging platform include a redesigned chat bubble, reaction to messages, and much more.

According to internet rumors, the revised chat bubbles will be fully redone, with more rounded, larger, and multicolored bubbles. This functionality is now in beta for iOS users, and it should be accessible for Android users soon. WhatsApp has yet to share any information on the feature’s stable rollout.

Another intriguing feature that instant messaging is working on right now is emoji reactions to messages. This new functionality will function similarly to Instagram and Facebook message reactions. Users will be able to respond to messages with an emoji of their choice in the near future. Individual and group communications are reported to be compatible with the reaction feature.

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