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Start Your Day With these Soaked Nuts

Soaked Nuts

Your morning routine has a variety of effects on your mood and overall health. It is frequently recommended that you begin your day on a healthy tone. Getting the correct nutrients into your body should also be a priority in your morning routine. Including nuts in your diet is a great way to get a variety of critical nutrients....

Green tea,Cocoa-Rich Diet Help Boost Survival in Elderly

Green tea,Cocoa-Rich

According to a mouse study, drinking green tea and eating a cocoa-rich diet can help prevent age-related neuromuscular changes that occur with sarcopenia, or the progressive loss of skeletal muscle mass and function. One of the most common causes of muscle mass loss is sarcopenia. Sarcopenia affects 5-13 percent of elderly persons aged 60-70 years on average. For people aged...

How to Differentiate Covid-19 From Dengue and Malaria

Covid19, Dengue and Malaria

It is impossible to know if a person is suffering from COVID-19 (Pandemic) or just the mosquito-borne malaria and dengue that usually strike during the monsoon season. People with the three illnesses (fever, headaches, bodily pains, and weariness) have a same set of symptoms. "A virus is the origin of both the Dengue and COVID-19 diseases, while Protozoa causes Malaria."...