The one issue that I was pretty much expecting to happen at some point following the iOS 15 software update was unexpected battery drain on iPhone. When I was first surprised to see more or less consistent battery life while using iOS 15, I didn’t expect it to last long. And, guess what, the problem has reappeared with a vengeance, with many iPhone owners now reporting a rapid battery drain issue in iOS 15. If you’re having difficulties with your iPhone’s battery life, check out these 10 top tips and techniques for iOS 15 battery life.

Tips to Improve iOS 15 Battery Life on iPhone (2021)

It makes sense to get to the bottom of the iOS 15 battery draining conundrum right now. So, let’s take a closer look at what might be causing your iPhone’s unusual battery consumption, and then look at some helpful solutions for resolving the problem. It goes without saying that the table below can be used to swiftly navigate through the guide.

Unexpected Battery Drain in iOS 15 on iPhone: Causes and Solutions

It’s frequently a software glitch that causes a slew of problems, including battery drain, seemingly out of nowhere. Though that isn’t the only offender to be aware of. Outdated apps, congested storage, and a slew of battery-sucking features could all be draining your iOS 15 device’s battery.

So, how can you figure out which iPhone apps drain your battery the most? The new iOS 15 makes keeping track of battery usage a breeze. As a result, you’ll be able to see which apps are draining your iPhone’s battery the most. In the Settings app, go to the Battery section and look at the battery usage for the last 24 hours or 10 days.

Take control of any apps that are consuming an excessively large quantity of battery. If necessary, you may need to uninstall and reinstall them. Spotify, a famous music streaming software, has recently been causing serious battery depletion and overheating concerns in iOS 15. Users have reported the problem on social media, and the firm is currently researching and working to remedy it.

You should also make sure that any power-hungry features aren’t running amok behind the scenes. You must either disable certain functions completely or limit their use. These simple but efficient techniques can help you get the most out of your iOS 15 device’s battery life.

How to Fix the Battery Drain Problem in iOS 15

1. Turn off the background app refresh

Background app refresh has long been a resource-intensive function that necessitates careful control. Otherwise, it can consume a significant portion of the battery on its own. As a result, you should be able to handle it effectively on your iPhone and iPad. Navigate to General -> Background App Refresh -> Background App Refresh in the Settings app on your device.

Now you have the option of totally turning off the feature, which I recommend against, or selectively turning off background refresh for apps. To fix the power drain issue on iOS 15, you must disable the Spotify toggle.

At the same time, I recommend that you force-quit apps when you no longer require them. To use the app switcher, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold along the centre of the screen (on Face ID models) or double click the home button (on Touch ID models). Then, to kill an app, swipe up on the app card. It can help you get the most out of your iPhone’s battery life.

2. Disable Location Services

Another notoriously power-hungry function that requires improved management is Location Services. Otherwise, your iOS 15 iPhone may experience unexpected power consumption. Allowing just particular apps to utilise your location data on your own terms, in my opinion, is the ideal method to handle GPS tracking. Furthermore, only allow apps to access your location when you are actively using the app or whenever location access is essential.

To do so, go to Privacy -> Location Services in the Settings app on your iOS 15 smartphone. Depending on your needs, you may now opt to turn off location services entirely or select the preferred configuration for each app individually.

3. Minimize User Interface Motion

When battery life is a concern, I like to limit the user interface’s animation, especially the parallax effect of icons. Take advantage of this efficient hack to extend the battery life of your iPhone if you don’t mind skipping the animation and parallax effect of app icons. Go to Accessibility -> Motion in Settings -> Accessibility -> Motion. Now, select Reduce Motion from the drop-down menu and toggle it on.

4. Turn on Low Power Mode

I’ve been using Low Power Mode to prolong the battery life on my iPhone since it was introduced in iOS 9 (2015). The ability to automatically minimise background activity such as mail retrieve and downloads to preserve battery life is what makes this power-saving function so efficient. So make sure to use this function to get the most out of your iOS 15 device’s battery life.

Go to Settings -> Battery to enable this functionality. Then, on the Low Power Mode toggle, switch it on. It’s worth noting that when the battery is fully charged, iOS 15 automatically disables Low Power Mode (over 80 percent ). Because it’s only active until the next full charge, you’ll have to manually enable it every time you want to extend the battery life.

To make this task easier, go to Settings -> Control Center and add the Low Power Mode icon to the Control Center. Then, under the ‘More Controls’ section, find ‘Low Power Mode’ and press the “+” button next to it. You may now use Control Center on your iPhone to enable or disable Low Power Mode.

5. In Safari, Turn off Auto-Playing Videos

Disable auto-playing videos in Safari on your iOS 15 smartphone for a distraction-free surfing experience. It not only keeps me from being distracted by irrelevant films, but it also helps to extend the battery life. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Motion to put an end to the annoyance. Toggle the toggle next to Auto-Play Video Previews off now.

6. Disable Automatic App Updates and Downloads

The auto-app updates feature makes it easier to keep your device’s apps up to date. However, you should turn it off, especially if your smartphone is experiencing battery waste. Similarly, auto app downloads should be disabled because they may exacerbate the battery drain issue.

Navigate to Settings -> App Store to do so. Under the Automatic Downloads section, turn off the toggles for “App Updates” and “Apps.”

7. Fix iOS 15 Battery Drain by Updating Apps

Outdated apps are also to blame for the battery draining issues. As a result, the sooner you update all of your apps, the better for your iPhone’s battery life. Make sure the Today tab is chosen in the App Store. Then, at the upper right, press on your profile symbol. Then scroll down and press the Update All button to get the most recent versions of all your apps all at once. If you just want to update one app at a time, hit the Update button next to the app you want to update.

We recommend keeping a look out for an update to the Spotify app and downloading it as soon as possible to fix the substantial battery drain it’s creating on iOS 15 devices.

8. Reset All Preferences

Whenever my device appears to be having a prolonged problem, I always turn to this unconventional but effective approach. You may also rely on it to fix the power drain concerns with iOS 15. Resetting all the settings, for those who aren’t aware, wipes off all current settings, including VPN and Wi-Fi, but keeps all media and data safe. As a result, there’s no danger in giving it a shot.

To transfer or reset your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Reset. Now, in the pop-up menu, select Reset All Settings and confirm the action. You can find additional information in our dedicated guide to resetting all settings in iOS 15, which you can find here.

9. Clear Out Your iPhone’s Storage

Overheating, a poor user interface, freezing, and battery depletion are all symptoms of clogged storage. If you haven’t cleared away the cache, redundant files, or storage-hogging message attachments in a while, the congested storage is likely to be the source of the battery depletion.

Go to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage to get a clearer idea of which apps need to be cleaned out. Now look at the storage consumption bar to see how much space is being used. Also, keep an eye on the storage that System Data uses (formerly Other).

You should notice a long list of installed programmes on this screen, along with the amount of space each one takes up on your iOS 15 smartphone. Clean up the apps that take up the most space once you’ve identified them. Remove any unnecessary programmes, iPhone widgets, screenshots, or movies from your device.

Force restart (or hard reset) your iPhone once you’ve eliminated all of the superfluous files and apps. Follow the steps below to do so:

Without a home button on an iPhone 8 or later, press and immediately release the volume up button. The volume down button should be pressed and swiftly released. After then, keep the side button pressed until you see the Apple logo.

Hold down the side button and the volume down button together on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus until the screen turns black and the Apple logo appears.

Hold down the side and home buttons at the same time on the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE until the Apple logo appears.

10. Update your software

A software fault is usually a prime suspect, as I said above, especially when your gadget experiences something unexpected. If none of the following suggestions work to resolve the battery depletion issue on your iOS 15 smartphone, there’s a good chance a software bug is at blame. In this case, a software update is your best option.

Navigate to Settings -> General -> Software Update on your iPhone, then download and install the latest version of iOS 15.


While checking the battery health of your iPhone running iOS 15 isn’t a solution in and of itself, it’s something I encourage. To find out the maximum capacity of the battery in comparison to when it was new, go to Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health. Remember that a smaller capacity equals fewer hours of use between charges. You’ll need to replace your iPhone battery if the capacity has considerably diminished.

Tips to Fix iOS 15 Battery Drain Issue on iPhone

So that’s how you can get the most out of your iPhone running iOS 15’s battery life. You can tackle the quick power consumption concerns by getting rid of superfluous files and apps, as well as taking control of power-sucking functions. Take these suggestions into consideration, and you’ll notice a difference straight away. Do you have any other questions about the iOS 15 power drain issue? Please let us know in the comments area below if this is the case. Also, let us know what you think about iOS 15 and whether or not it met your expectations.

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