The winter season, with all of its benefits, has its own attraction. As the weather improves, so does one’s appetite and digestion, and one may want to go outside and enjoy nature. While the season alleviates many of the discomforts associated with hot and humid weather, it is also the time of year when certain disorders such as arthritis, heart disease, respiratory problems, and skin problems become more prevalent. Infections in the urinary tract (UTIs) are also common in the winter, but they can be avoided by following a few simple guidelines.

Cold-induced dieresis, your body’s technique of preventing hypothermia by lowering blood flow to the skin and concentrating it around the organs to keep them warm, raises the risk of UTIs in the winter.

UTIs can be avoided by drinking enough water, even if you don’t feel thirsty all the time. Avoiding the urge to urinate might also increase the chance of developing a bladder infection. Maintaining good personal cleanliness and eating foods high in Vitamin C will assist you from contracting the sickness.

“When your kidneys have more waste to filter out of your blood, they create more pee than usual. As a result, when it’s chilly outside, there’s a stronger desire to urinate “Dr. Santosh Palkar, a consultant urologist at Zen Multispecialty, agrees.

Increased urination, failure to completely empty your bladder, bad urine odor, murky or black urine, and fever are all indications of UTIs.

According to Dr. Palkar, here are some methods to avoid UTI throughout the winter season.

Drink around 10 glasses of water each day: 

Do you avoid drinking water because it’s too chilly in the winter? You could be making a mistake by doing so, as it could raise your chances of getting a UTI. Staying hydrated will aid your urinary system inadequately flushing harmful waste and warding off urinary tract infections. Try to drink as much water as possible.

Avoid holding the urine for too long:

Reduce your risk of bladder infection by urinating as soon as you feel the urge to go to the bathroom.

Good personal hygiene: 

It is critical that you adhere to good hygiene standards. After using the restroom, make sure to thoroughly clean your genital area.

Wear cotton underwear:

Cotton underwear, which keeps the crotch area dry, will be advantageous. Too much moisture trapped in one location can provide ideal breeding habitat for bacteria. So choose only skin-friendly textiles.

Load up on Vitamin C: 

Vitamin C-rich foods can enhance your immunity and increase the acidity of your urine, removing bacteria that might cause diseases. Stay healthy by eating oranges, kiwis, red peppers, and grapefruit.

Go for cranberries:

It’s one of the most effective UTI treatments. This fruit is high in proanthocyanidins, a chemical component that prevents E. Coli bacteria from attaching to the bladder and so lessens the risk of infection.

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