Telegram, an encrypted messaging software for Android and iOS, has begun rolling out its next monthly update, which includes a slew of new features for users.

Protected material in groups and channels, removing messages by date, and logging in via calls are just a few of the notable features.

“The new Protected Material feature will assist producers in securing their Telegram content and ensuring that it is only accessible to their intended audience. The Delete by Date function will allow users to effortlessly identify and delete date-specific messages from their history, giving them complete control over their digital footprint “In a statement, the business added.

Group and channel owners can now restrict their content to group or channel members exclusively, disallow message forwarding and screenshots, and deactivate the ability to save media from postings using the protected content feature. Its goal is to assist artists and channel administrators in securing their media and postings in groups and channels.

Erase Messages by Date allows users to delete any message from a conversation at any time, and it’s been made much more convenient with this update, as users may now clear chat history from a specific day or date range in any one-on-one chat.

Telegram has introduced new ways to log in via phone call, allowing some mobile devices to get a login call from Telegram and then input several numbers of the phone number that phoned – rather than receiving codes via text message.

Telegram recently released an update that added eight new global chat themes, although they were only available on iOS at the time. Android users can now choose from eight new chat styles for their UI thanks to the recent release.

Chat Settings has been completely revamped to put the new theme’s front and center. Every Telegram theme has a day and night mode, as well as a colorful animated background and gradient message bubbles.

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