Pinterest has announced the introduction of ‘Pinterest TV,’ which will feature a series of live, original, and’shoppable’ videos covering topics such as cuisine, beauty, home, fashion, DIY, and more. The news comes just days after Pinterest unveiled a slew of new features at its second annual Pinterest Producers Festival, including a monetization model for creators called ‘Creators Rewards,’ which promises to compensate them for creating inspired content.

Pinterest just added a new ‘Watch’ option to its app, which allows users to scroll vertically through videos from producers. The firm also unveiled a video feature dubbed ‘Idea Pins’ earlier this year, which allows users to create and edit short videos in a similar way to TikTok. Since then, company has linked Idea Pins with its augmented reality beauty try-on tool, AR Try on, allowing users to virtually try on lipsticks and other beauty items and shop directly from the videos.

Pinterest’s most recent announcement is ‘Pinterest TV,’ which will contain creators’ videos and a ‘live chat’ function that will allow users to ask questions about the products being promoted. Users will be able to watch the videos on-demand after they have shown for the first time, as well as save and re-watch them later. Beginning November 8, new Pinterest TV episodes will be aired every Monday through Friday at 6 p.m. EDT on Android and iOS. For the time being, it’s a US-only feature, with no indication of when (or if) it will be made available abroad.

Pinterest will also assist creators in the creation of live content.

‘Christian On,’ a fashion and lifestyle show from Christian Siriano, a Project Runway alum, as well as ‘Unfail My,’ a cooking-related series from director and screenwriter Monica Suriyage, and ‘Tom Tries,’ an entertainment show from Olympic diving champion Tom Daley, will be available on Pinterest TV. ‘Manny Does,’ hosted by cosmetics entrepreneur Manny MUA, and ‘Buy This,’ hosted by comedian Robyn Schall and other Pinterest creators, will highlight products from Melody Ehsani, Crown Affair, and other firms.

Pinterest also launched a new effort in which Pinterest producers will collaborate with creators to “create distinctive content.” The new virtual studio, according to Pinterest, will allow producers to get help with backstage A/V support, allowing them to go live without having the technical know-how required to execute high-quality events. It’s too early to tell whether the new initiatives will help Pinterest grow its user base, but the firm claims that creators who hosted Pinterest TV episodes during the pilot phase “substantially grew their following on the site,” with some apparently doubling their following.

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