The Omicron strain of COVID-19 has claimed its first victim in the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, confirmed the death.

The death was announced as the United Kingdom initiated an aggressive booster programme to combat the new strain of concern.

“Unfortunately, at least one patient has been verified to have died from Omicron,” Johnson told reporters a day after warning that the mutant virus may cause a “tidal wave” of infections across the area.

The Omicron variant was causing an increase in hospital admissions, according to Johnson, who encouraged consumers to get the booster shot as the “best thing” to do.

Johnson stated COVID-19 illnesses attributable to the Omicron variation accounted for around 40% of all COVID-19 cases in the British capital while visiting a vaccination centre in west London.

People should abandon the concept that Omicron is a milder variant, according to the British leader.

As the Covid booster shot programme began today in the United Kingdom, London raised the national Covid Alert Level yesterday night due to an increase in the viral mutation’s transmission rate.

PM Johnson warned in a televised address that a storm could be on the way, requiring immediate action to prevent hospitals from becoming overburdened again in the coming weeks.

“We are clearly in a race between the virus and the vaccine,” UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid said on Monday, adding that the government would “put everything” at the booster programme.

Beginning in late December, all people in the United Kingdom will be eligible for a third dose of the Covid vaccine.

Since its discovery in the country at the end of November, Omicron instances have seen a “phenomenal increase,” according to Javid.

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