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Foetus Found inside Woman’s Liver in “Extremely Rare” Pregnancy

Woman Pregnancy

In a rare case, a 33-year-old lady in Canada found there was a foetus growing inside her liver. The doctor who diagnosed the rare ailment broke the news to them. Dr Michael Narvey of the Children's Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba in Canada posted a video on social media revealing the medical case. "I thought I'd seen it all,"...

Reliance Purchases 15 Million Barrels of Russian Oil

Reliance Industries Limited

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, Reliance Industries Ltd, the operator of the world's largest oil refining plant, has ordered at least 15 million barrels of Russian oil, according to trade sources. According to the sources, Reliance acquired an average of 5 million barrels per month in the June quarter. Due to high freight costs, Indian refiners, notably Reliance, rarely...

WHO Report: Omicron may Change Pandemic Course without Action


The omicron variant of the coronavirus may change the course of the pandemic. It urged countries to speed up vaccination and keep infection control measures in place. "We can avoid a global crisis," said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Wednesday. "The virus evolves, but our resolve must not." The organization also said early evidence suggests omicron is milder than delta,...

AB de Villiers Took to Twitter to Announce his retirement “from all cricket”.

AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers, the South African superstar, announced his retirement "from all cricket" on Twitter on Friday, claiming that the "light no longer burns so brightly" at the age of 37. De Villiers, widely considered as one of the best batters of his generation, last appeared in an international match in April 2018 in Johannesburg, where he participated in...

India, Fourth most Spammed Country in the World

Spammed Country

Receiving a spam call or text is something that happens on a daily basis. It might be a telemarketing call or someone trying to sell you something like insurance or a credit card. Unknown caller messages are a common part of the daily smartphone experience. Truecaller's latest data confirms that India is among the worst-affected countries when it comes...

Melatonin – The Sleep Hormone – Worsens Asthma: Report

Sleeping Hormone

According to a study led by Kentaro Mizuta of Tohoku University's Graduate School of Dentistry, the sleep hormone melatonin aggravates asthma. The findings were reported in the journal "American Journal of Physiology Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology." Bronchoconstriction is a condition in which the smooth muscles of the bronchus — the tube that transports air to and from your lungs...