Receiving a spam call or text is something that happens on a daily basis. It might be a telemarketing call or someone trying to sell you something like insurance or a credit card. Unknown caller messages are a common part of the daily smartphone experience. Truecaller’s latest data confirms that India is among the worst-affected countries when it comes to spam calls and messages.

India is ranked fourth on the list of top countries affected by spam calls in 2021, according to a report provided by the business. It’s no surprise that sales or telemarketing calls made up the great majority of spam in India (93.5 percent). A single spammer in India made over 202 million spam calls this year, according to the research. If you break it down, there are 6,64,000 calls made per day and 27,000 calls made every hour.

Truecaller’s analysis also found that the average number of spam calls per user per month is 16.8. In the month of October, Truecaller users alone received almost 3.8 billion scam calls.

With 32.9 spam calls per user each month, Brazil tops the list of the most spammed countries in the world for the fourth year in a row. The average number of spam calls received in Brazil (32.9 per user per month) is significantly higher than the average number of spam calls received in Peru (18.02 per user per month), which is in second place.

It’s not just about spam, but also about scams, as the paper explains. The ever-popular KYC (know your customer) scam, in which fraudsters pose as a bank, wallet, or digital payment service and request user KYC documentation as stipulated by the Reserve Bank of India, is one of the most common scams in the country.

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