Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has teamed up with Microsoft to integrate its Workplace platform with Microsoft Teams. Companies will be allowed to use the new facility for free next year. Employees using Teams or Workplace will be able to monitor, comment on, and reply to meetings in real time without having to switch apps.

“This will make it even easier for staff to stay up to speed on key information, as well as provide more possibilities for company-wide input and involvement,” Meta said late Wednesday in a statement.

Users will be able to share material from Workplace’s newsfeed and groups into Microsoft’s Teams platform as a result of the update. Users will soon be able to livestream video from Teams into Workplace groups, according to the company.

“We share a vision of providing choice and freedom to our customers, so it made sense for us to join forces to assist our mutual clients unlock collaboration and break down walls within their organisations,” said Jeff Teper, Microsoft Teams’ CVP Product and Engineering. Horizon Workrooms, a remote work app for users of Facebook’s VR headsets, was recently released as a beta test.

Microsoft Teams administrators will be able to highlight important content in the Workplace app by marking it as important. Workplace was launched five years ago by Meta, formerly known as Facebook, and it claimed to have 7 million paid customers in May. With 250 million members, Microsoft Teams has a greater user base.

Microsoft released a set of tools last week to help businesses create immersive spaces with augmented and virtual reality where employees can collaborate using Microsoft Teams.

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