Tatyana Shishkova, a Kaspersky analyst, came to Twitter to warn Android users about the return of the dangerous Joker malware to the Google Play store. According to Shishkova, the Joker malware has infected at least 14 Android apps. Last year, the Joker ransomware caused quite a stir after infecting many apps. To protect users, Google had to step in and delete the apps. However, it appears that the infection has returned to the Google Play store.

Some of the Joker malware-infected apps are highly popular, with over 50,000 downloads, while others on Shishkova’s list are rather unknown.

What is Joker malware and what does it do?

When popular apps are downloaded from the Google Play store, the Joker malware infects them and enters the user’s phone. Joker virus is able to get into the Google Play store by making minor changes to its code, bypassing the company’s security and vetting tests. It’s a tenacious creature that keeps reappearing. It was initially discovered in 2017, and Google has been working hard to protect users from it ever since.

The Joker malware’s payload steals money from customers invisibly by subscribing them to internet services in the background without their awareness. It can also obtain OTPs through SMS to discreetly approve payments by clicking on web adverts automatically. Without monitoring bank statements, the consumer will have no idea that he or she has enrolled in some online service.

Delete these 15 apps from your Android phones to prevent Joker malware infection:

1. Easy PDF Scanner

2. Now QRCode Scan

3. Super-Click VPN

4. Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer

5. Battery Charging Animation Bubble Effects

6. Smart TV Remote

7. Volume Boosting Hearing Aid

8. Flashlight Flash Alert on Call

9. Halloween Coloring

10. Classic Emoji Keyboard

11. Super Hero-Effect

12. Dazzling Keyboard

13. EmojiOne Keyboard

14. Battery Charging Animation Wallpaper

15. Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor

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