Apple released iOS 15 for its iPhone models this week, and customers have already reported a fault in the new operating system just a few days after it was released. Despite having enough free storage space on their iPhones, customers are receiving an “iPhone Storage Almost Full” warning message inside of Settings, according to tweets claimed to Apple’s Support handle.

On the Apple Support Communities forum, a few iPhone users have also reported the bug. The warning notice, according to users, cannot be erased, and tapping on it just leads users to the iPhone Storage section, where they can see the available space. Apple has yet to recognize the new glitch, but it will have to release a new iOS version shortly to address the issue that is causing so many consumers problems.

The above-mentioned warning message isn’t the only issue that iOS 15 users are encountering; a few customers have also reported that accessible storage on their smartphones is occasionally displayed to be greater than the device’s capacity. Some customers have also reported that the device displays incorrect tabulation of the space used by programs.

Apple is advising users to restart their smartphones in response to complaints on Twitter, but this isn’t resolving the issue. This week, the business began beta testing iOS 15.1 and it is expected that iOS 15.0.1 will be published soon to address the concerns described above.

Apple has hailed iOS 15 as a vital update because it addresses a major security flaw with Face ID. Face ID’s vulnerability, discovered by Wish Wu of Ant Financial’s Light-Year Security Lab, allows a 3D model created to look like the enrolled user to authenticate and use the device.
Along with a number of security improvements, iOS 15 includes a number of new features, including Live Text, Focus Mode, and FaceTime support outside of the Apple ecosystem, among others.

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