Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is the most popular video game franchises. Grand Theft Auto new version GTA 5 has come. Grand Theft Auto is the world’s second largest selling game with more than 120 million copies, but you don’t need to pay for it at this time.

 Game store crashes frequently

By listening free you may feel that you will get the basic version of GTA, but it is not. It is not basic, but a premium version. It is also getting a cash bonus of one lakh dollars. Epic game is crashing again and again because the game is free. The company has also tweeted about it saying that the problem will be solved soon, though the company has not indicated any timeline.

 How to download GTA 5 for free?

If you want to download GTA 5 for free, you can follow GTA Punjab for PC.

  • Then sign in, sign up if you don’t already have a game store account.
  • Two factor authentications are mandatory for downloading the game. To set it up, go to Account>Passwords and Security>Set up 2FA.
  • After 2FA on, you will have to open a page in which you have to search GTA 5.
  • The description page of the game will then open where you will see Get.
  • Click it and reach the order page. Then by clicking on the Order button, you will be able to make the game in your library.


How to install GTA 5 game?

Once the game’s ad in your account’s library means it’s downloaded.

Then you have to install the game. The size of the game launcher is close to 400MB, while the size of the entire game is 95 GB. It would be better to download it on the Wi-Fi network itself.

Between 7-10 days after the game is installed, your account will have a million-dollar bonus.


How can You Download GTA 5 Games for Free?

If you’re crazy about Grand Theft Auto, there’s good news for you. You can download this game for free. Epic Games has teamed up with game publisher Rockstar Games, in which users are getting the flagship AAA game, GTA 5 free. Let’s say GTA 5 games are available for free for Windows users on the Epic Games Store. This offer is for a limited time. That means you can download this game for free of cost by May 21. Epic Games is offering the premium edition of GTA 5 as a package. Apart from this, you can also download screen recoding software Bandicam Cracked; if you needed.

That means you’ll get the whole game free; you’re not just being given a trial. The company will provide a game free week to treat reports. However, you may face some difficulties in downloading this game. Because there is high traffic on the epic store in the way of downloading free games, which is causing some difficulties. Let’s know how you can download this game for free for Windows. Do you know among gaming communities, F95zone is a very popular game nowadays?

How to download GTA 5 for free?

Step 1

First you need to go to the Epic Games Store website and create your free Epic Games account. If you already have an account, you can skip this step. To create an account, you must first register all your details. You will be able to login first after this process is completed. As a process, you must enable Two-Factor authentication. This option will get you in the password and security section.

Step 2

In the second step you need to click on the Get Epic Games button, which is in the right corner. The file will then start installing. Let the download complete and let the game store download to your Windows device. Login to epic games with your login password after installing.

Step 3

You will then need to click on the store’s button, which will be available on the navigation side bar on the left. It will take some time to see all the games here. You will then see a poster of Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition. After which the warning page of GTA 5 will be reached. Here you will find that this game is available for $25.99.

Step 4

Here you have to click on GET. You will then go directly to the CHECKOUT page. Here you need to click on the order place button. THANK YOU on your screen after the purchase process is ‘complete’ will be visible. After buying the game for free you will have to go to the Library section. From where you can install it. Keep in mind that this is a large size game, so your device needs to be in a space.

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