It might be difficult to stick to an exercise plan. Getting started with a physical fitness plan can be even more difficult. Aside from laziness and a lack of ambition, most people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to a lack of space and time. However, the lack of access to gyms and big open spaces can no longer be used as an excuse. You may now undertake simple yet effective exercises in the comfort of your own home, thanks to fitness expert Kayla Itsines. The guru has now revealed a ten-minute exercise plan on video. The best aspect is that these exercises don’t require any special equipment.

Weight loss: Try this no-equipment cardio routine to lose weight

  1. Pop Squat – 40 seconds
  2. X Plank – 20 seconds
  3. Pop Squat – 40 seconds
  4. X Mountain Climber – 20 seconds
  5. Pop Squat – 40 seconds
  6. Glute Bridge – 20 seconds
  7. Pop Squat – 40 seconds
  8. Heel Tap – 20 seconds

Kayla Itsines, who shared the video, wrote: “No excuses with this ten-minute no-equipment workout! There are eight exercises in total. Two laps are required. ten minutes Let’s get started!”
In the Instagram video, Kayla Itsines also showed each of the workouts. Kayla performed the workout on an exercise mat. Take a peek around.
Without any equipment, this practise can help you burn calories and stay in shape at home. Kayla Itsines had previously uploaded a video in which she conducted leg exercises with minimal equipment. She shared a video and stated that it may be done at any time of day. “One triset (three exercises performed in a row with no rest) and two supersets (two exercises performed in a row with no rest breaks),” she added of the 15-minute workout. You may learn more about it here.

Try a variety of exercises and be consistent with your home workouts to make them more effective. For a better understanding, you can also join an online group or class. If you’re working out after a long time of sedentary behaviour, make sure to take rests in between activities and begin slowly.

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