Apple may no longer produce ‘small’ iPhones, and the iPhone 13 mini could be the final mini iPhone. According to source Jon Prosser, who has a good track record with iPhone leaks, Apple will not release the iPhone 14 small in 2022. The tiny series debuted alongside the iPhone 12 and is now joined by an iPhone 13 mini. Analysts, on the other hand, argue that the iPhone 12 mini failed to generate the needed enthusiasm in the market.

Apart from the 5.4-inch screen, the gadget appears to be fairly small in comparison to standard iPhone models and Pro Max variations. In addition, the iPhone 12 mini’s battery life has been highly panned. One of the key reasons for Apple’s decision to discontinue the tiny iPhone is the lower-than-expected demand for the iPhone 12 mini, as well as the lacklustre enthusiasm surrounding the iPhone 13 mini.

According to a March 2021 report from Nikkei Asia, Apple reportedly slashed manufacturing of the iPhone 12 small by up to 70% for the first half of 2021. Some suppliers were even told to stop producing iPhone 12 tiny components. Initial predictions suggested it would be a smash hit, but Apple is thought to have grossly underestimated demand for the iPhone 12 small.

The poor demand for tiny iPhones could be due to their small size. Buyers may be more motivated to purchase the iPhone 11 for the same money. “The battery for the iPhone 12 mini is substantially smaller than the battery in the older iPhone 11, which is approximately the same price, and it’s smaller than the battery in the iPhone 12, which is only $100 more expensive,” he says of the battery life. A 5G phone consumes more power, therefore buyers will be hesitant to buy a phone that, in comparison, does not have a good battery,” according to a Nikkei Asia report citing an analyst.


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