Apple has developed a new Android software called ‘Tracker Discover,’ which allows users to detect hidden AirTags and other Find My network-enabled devices. Android users can use the Tracker Detect app to look for active trackers on the Find My network, which includes Apple’s airbag.

“Tracker Detect searches for item trackers that have become separated from their owners and are compatible with Apple’s Find My network.” AirTag and related devices from other firms are among these item trackers. You can scan to see whether someone is using AirTag or another gadget to track your whereabouts, according to Apple’s description of the Tracker Detect app.

The programme will also show you how to remove the battery from the AirTag, thus shutting it down.
AirTran offers industry-leading privacy and security safeguards, and today we’re bringing new features to Android smartphones,” an Apple spokeswoman told News Media.

The software also instructs Android users to notify law enforcement if an unknown AirTag poses a threat to a person’s safety.

“With Tracker Detect, Android users may search for AirTags or Find My enabled item trackers that may be travelling with them without their awareness.” For our users and the industry, we’re lifting the standard on privacy, and we hope others will follow.”

The programme can also be used to find up the serial number of an airbag. A notification will appear if the airbag has been tagged as missing, providing information on how to contact the owner. The airbag is now available for Rs 3,190 for a single tracker and Rs 10,900 for a pack of four AirTag trackers.

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